I've been dealing with these symptoms for going on 5 yrs now. The first rheumatologist I went to basically dismissed my symptoms and gave me an anti-depressant. I finally got in to see the rheumatologist my PCP recommended. She said I had UCTD but not all the signs for a lupus diagnosis.
Now in April I started developing seizures. I had probably 30-40 daily and all night whenever I would turn over. My PCP thought it was possibly panic attackes. Finally got back in to see my rheumatologist and she did a ton of tests including a lumbar puncture. She thought it may possibly be MS but after all these tests said it is lupus of the brain. Have been on Cytoxan therapy and prednisone since July. Have 3 more mos of Cytoxan but am hoping things improve enough to stop it soon.

Alot us share the experience of symptoms that come and go and bloodwork that keeps changing. This is why April 1 is Lupus awareness because the symptoms can "fool" you. Hope this helps with your book....When it gets published, can you please let all of us know? Thanks