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Thread: concerned about new medications

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    Default concerned about new medications

    I have been by my doctor about three new meds,and would like to know anyone has experience with the following,cell cept,immuran and cytoxan. I am a 25 years old female diagnosed with S.L.E.(nephritis proliferive glumoritis)about 17years ago. Current therapy as of know is predisone along with plaquneil. Current therrapy is not as effective as the doctor would like it to be.Doctor is suggesting an additional drug like cellcept. My major concern is the possibility of getting cancer as a severe side effect.

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    CellCept is an oral agent that was originally used for the prevention of organ rejection in kidney transplants. It prevents rejection by interfering with the production of certain white blood cells which cause rejection. It is this interference in the production of white blood cells (Immune system suppression) that makes CellCept amenable for Lupus treatment. It does not present the same side effects (hair loss, anemia, loss of appetite and nausea) as does chemotherapy medications which are also used in treating Lupus
    The adverse effects of CellCept are a slight increase in diarrhea and a lowered white blood cell count; also, there are more reported infections and an increased incidence of lymphoma in patients receiving CellCept. This is due to the immunsuppression of the immune system and after long-term use. However, severe infections were less common in patients taking CellCept.
    I hope that I have answered your questions..let me know if you need more information!!

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