I have been having the most awful sensations recently and I know that they sound weird, but please bear with me!

I have always suffered from Orthostatic Hypotension (low blood pressure), where I faint if I stand up too quickly, but this is very different!

I get these strange sensations where I feel as if I am floating and lying down doesn't seem to help very much! My vision tends to go blurry, I get a headache and I feel very sick and dehydrated. Sometimes, I also feel as if I am not really in my body, as if I wasn't there and it's a really scary feeling!

At other times, I experience a debilitating bout of EXTREME nausea, where my vision also goes funny and I get a headache. I feel as though I desperately need to lie down, but when I do, I don't feel any better! It is the most FRUSTRATING thing that I have ever experienced and often lasts for an hour or more! :cry: Other people tell me that I look very strange while I am experiencing these sensations and that I go deathly pale.

After these episodes, I often experience these strange, tingling sensations in my hands, which are VERY painful, but only last for a few minutes. Today, I had a similar experience, but it was my left thigh that began to tingle and sting!

I have Epilepsy and at first, I thought that these might be auras (warnings), but I have never had a seizure after these episodes, so I doubt that they are connected. They are also not typical of the auras that I get before a migraine comes on and although these sensations cause me to have an extreme headache, they definitely do not cause migraines.

I am also having terrible problems with my electrolytes, which are continuously very low, even when I am not vomitting or don't have Diarrhea or Dysentery and I drink a lot of water. It is becoming a terrible problem, especially the Hypokalaemia (low Potassium level), but I saw my Urologist today and he confirmed that my kidneys are not causing the problem. This is worrying me because I feel that this electrolyte imbalance may be at least partially responsible for these strange sensations and electrolyte imbalances are not good for people with Epilepsy because they often induce seizures. I was paralysed for three days a few weeks ago and we feel that the Hypokalaemia was most likely responsible.

I am going to see my Neurologist on Wednesday after School (I am sixteen) and am going to speak to him about these strange sensations because I feel that this is a Neurological problem.

I was just wondering if anyone else has gone through/is going through a similar problem or whether anyone has any advice for me?

Thanks and Keep Well!