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Thread: A medication poem

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    I just had to bump this up for people to read again....

    A medication poem
    Woke this morning, face was red
    Guess it's time to take my Pred.
    Must eat first, I'll eat an egg,
    Hope Neurontin helps my leg.
    Before I eat, I need to take
    Protonix so my tummy won't quake.
    In the kitchen, can't recall
    why I walked in here at all!
    Plaquenil is just the thing
    for the brain fog that Lupus will bring.
    OH...the egg, that's right! But now
    Can't remember where the oil is anyhow.
    Shrug, I'll just have some bread
    Can't remember--did I take my med?
    I can now take Tylenol three
    Makes me goofy, but pain-free.
    Now it's time for Aprazolam--
    keeps me calm but WHAM! BAM!
    Trazadone will have to wait,
    Can't take that until it's late.
    Guess I'll go and lie down too--
    Until the next time my meds are due.

    For St. James, lover of the bluuuuuues

    Went to the doctor...heard what he had to say.
    Yes, I went to the doctor...heard what he had to say....
    Seems like everytime I go, Got more pills to take anyway.

    He said, "You need some methotrexate...
    This stuff will fix you right up!"
    I said, "what? an injection?"
    He nodded and said, "Yup!"

    So I bared my arm, he said, "discomfort's mild."
    Yeah, I'm sayin like a little trusting child; I bared my naked arm;
    The needle went in--And I set off a 2-car alarm!Ohhhhh....

    Went to the doctor, had to hear what he would say...
    Oh YES I WENT TO THE DOCTOR! Heard what he had to say,
    But this new methotrexate makes me wanna stay away.

    He'd said it wouldn't hurt that much,
    But that was a damned lie--
    Cause it burned like hellfire!
    Brought a tear to my eye, yeah....

    Now I'm home just a shiverin; shakin to the bone.
    Now I'm a human cocktail mixer! Talkin on that big white telephone...
    If that doctor says "something new"---he'll be in his office alooooone.
    Diagnosed with Lupus - 22 June, 2010

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    Hi littlered,

    They're fantastic mate and things like this brighten up our day.

    Terri x

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    Sounds like me in the mornings and at night! LOL

    Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

    ~Winston Churchill~

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    I am laughing out loud while nauseated! Love it!

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    Lupus, Lupus Runaway

    Leave me the hell alone

    Take the pain with you when you leave

    You seem to think you have an open door

    But no one asked you to come and visit me

    My family didn’t ask you to come

    You wouldn’t hurt my feeling if you left

    What more can I say leave me the hell alone

    No one wants you

    Why would you want to stay around when you’re not wanted by me or mine?

    Lupus, Lupus Runaway

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    My pain is real as I feel it each day.

    Its as real as I breathe.

    Each day I struggle with it each day.

    And the worst part is others see me struggle with it.

    Some days are easier then others.

    Pain does not give you a choice.

    Its something I live with.

    Its become a part of who I am.

    It does not discriminate.

    I did not ask for this pain.

    But it is real as I can feel.

    The pain is never gone because it lives within me

    I try to stay strong about it.

    But its not easy to do.

    I do not wish it on anyone.

    My pain is real and not an illusion.

    Many chose to deny it.

    I have to remember that I do not have to prove it.

    I know what I feel and its a deep pain from within

    Many live with the same pain.

    And I pray they will be free of it.

    Because no one should live in pain.

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    I was once a physically strong woman.

    It was gradually taken away from me.

    Lupus has changed my life forever.

    I once cared for others.

    Now I have to accept help from others.

    Lupus changed my life forever.

    This is not the life I signed up for.

    I once had dreams of many.

    Lupus has changed my life forever.

    Now, I just have to make it through the day.

    I live with pain each day.

    Lupus changed my life forever.

    My family suffers with me.

    They did not sign up for this either.

    Lupus changed my life forever.

    People say I don’t look sick.

    I ask you ” What does sick look like?”

    Lupus changed my life forever.

    You say you understand, but you can’t unless you’ve lived with it.

    You may understand if your family or friend is affected.

    Lupus changed my life forever

    What was once my life is now my life with lupus

    Along the way lupus has taught me many things.

    I’ve learned to appreciate the small things

    To appreciate the good days, even if its just a simple smile.

    Lupus changed my life forever.

    I would not wish this disease on anyone no matter how cruel or evil they are.

    Even my dogs are affected by lupus.

    So you can’t ever say that animals don’t have compassion, because mine do.

    Lupus changed my life forever.

    They know when I flare and it shows.

    You say I’m too young to be sick.

    But lupus doesn’t care.

    Lupus changed my life forever.

    It tears famlies apart bit by bit.

    My life has changed forever because of lupus.

    I’ve learned to appreciate the simple things in life.

    Lupus changed my life forever.

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