I am a 29 year old male who was diagnosed with Lupus 3 years ago. My symptoms have progressively gotten worse since the diagnosis. It started out with joint pains and decreased appetite. Since then I have been hospitalized four times with pneumonia like symptoms. Along with the lung involvement, my kidneys are now under attack. I have been on various dosages of prednisone for almost 3 years. Each time I get close to wiening myself off the drug, I have a flare up. I have also been on various arthritis meds which were little help. I am currently on 10mg of prednisone along with 200mg of Plaquanil 2x daily. It has been determined that my next step is chemotherapy which I begin this week. It would be great to hear about actual accounts of someone who has gone through this therapy. Also, I appreciate any responses, but if there are any men out there I would like to hear from you. Being that this is a 'disease for women', there is not much written about men and lupus.