I am asking for you to keep my husband and myself in your thoughts and prayers. Larry has acute pancreatitis, sjogrens, hashimoto's thyroid and sle lupus. We have had a hug problem finding a rheumatologist who can remember who he is and why he is there.What is wrong with these doctors who seem so uncaring????? Finally just yesterday we were referred to a new rheumatologist who is supposed to be the best in the state of Arkansas. I have some re-newed hope there. Through tests, it was discovered that Larry has a huge cyst on his pancreas and his pancreas duct is blocked. He has had alot of stomach pain and is very bloated. He is afraid to eat because it seems to make it worse. Also, we just found out through tests again, that he has blockage in his carteroid artery and substancial blockage near his heart. I am illiterate when it comes to knowing medical terms. I do know however, that he is scheduled to go to the University of Arkansas Medical Science Hospital tomorrow for surgery. I am not sure about the extent of the surgery, it all depends on what the docs find. I am scared. He has been so sick since right after my mom died June 23rd of this year. He stays in bed 23/7 and even though he takes all of his prescribed meds, he is no better. A couple of his docs are questioning the lupus diagnosis since the rheumatologist gave his diagnosis on the second visit. I am wondering if he could have something completely different wrong with him after being treated for lupus all of these months. Of course, he does have some lupus symtoms. I just don't know what to think. I am so tired!
Are any of you familiar with heart problems and do you know if blockage can cause extreme fatigue? I would appreciate any replies. I have been on constant pins and needles for months now. I am sure that many, if not all of you know exactly how this feels.
Take care