The doctor agreed to start me on 7.5 mg per week. I am very relieved. I'll take them on Friday so I have Saturdays to get over it.

It may take a lot longer to see any results, but that's OK. Fatigue is the only thing going on with me right now anyway. I'm afraid of getting a bad infection, because I have a history of my IgA and IgG being real low in years past.

I am doing a 24-hour urine right now (which they SHOULD have done as soon as my ANA came back 1:160) I must learn to be more aggressive! They are checking for tuberculosis and for hepatitis. So those should all be back to their office by Friday when I get my first shot. I guess if the urine came back bad, then I might change my plans, but that would be the only thing that would make me take more than the 7.5 mg. At least, that's my story TODAY

I have a RX for phenergen (sp) just in case, and will post back on how I am doing.

It's nice to have some folks to talk to about this