I am on so many meds now (many of you are on more I know, but it seems like a lot to me!) I'm very concerned about how they all interact and even how and when to take them. I know the doctor looks at the list each time I'm in, but I have a very close friend who's husband is a pharmacist in the same hospital/clinic system and he said that very few of the docs really understand all the of the drug interactions. It's just too specialized a field these days, and the docs have all they can do to stay on top of all of the other information in their areas. My pharmacy is such a busy place, and there is no opportunity (or place) to talk to a pharmacist long enough to discuss this kind of stuff. Have any of you found a way to do some 'self examination' of your meds? Is there a website that allows you to enter in your meds and will spot any potential problems? I know it's not a substitute for sitting down with a pharmacist or doctor and talking, but it sure would be a start.