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Thread: Hairloss and Plaquenil? is it related?

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    Default Hairloss and Plaquenil? is it related?

    Hi, I know that I am sounding redundant as I have gone on every board about hairloss yet I was just reading that Plaquenil is prescribed to people to help with hairloss...then what is causing my hairloss? My meds are as follows:

    4 mg prednisone
    400 mg plaquenil
    125 mg Imuran
    40 mg pantozol

    Now is the plaquenil making me lose gobs of hair or is it the Imuran with the prednisone (I read those two combined cause hairloss)? I am losing hair like mad. More than half of my hair has fallen in the last two months. My labs say that I am going into remission so I am not thinking this is lupus related but the meds. Any ideas? I know that I am sounding whiny but after after the moon face, the weight gain, the huge bags under my eyes, super pale skin due to no sun....I kinda don't look that great and my new short haircut doesn't really make me feel like a woman but a very pale version of the incredible Hulk. My doctor couldn't care less that I am losing my hair so I need a war plan before I see him again. Thanks listening and any response I can get.

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    Hi Tanyaw;
    In "Newly Diagnosed" - there is a very long discussion about hair loss in the thread entitled "Help Severe Hair Loss".
    Hair loss with Lupus may also be caused by infection or by the use of corticosteroids or other lupus medications. Hair loss may also be because of discoid lesions. Hair loss occurs in 50% of Lupus patients and it is considered a temporary condition which occurs during activity of the disease. During these times, disease activity is demonstrated by the ease with which hair can be plucked from the scalp and the development of "lupus hairs" (i.e. short strands at the scalp line). Following an acute attack of SLE, usually with fever, patients usually experience much generalized hair loss. This results from a period of arrested hair growth during the acute episode. A severe lupus flare could result in defective hair growth, causing the hair to be fragile and break easily. I say all of this to say that, we experience hair loss even when we are in mild stages of Lupus (you say your doctors told you that you are going into remission - this does not preclude hair loss or hair thinning!)
    Your doctors are not concerned about your hair loss because they know that your hair will regrow during disease remission, unless your scalp is scarred. Most of us have experienced hair loss to the point of baldness and our hair has regrown in a different grade than it was originally. I once had very thick, curly heavy hair. Now, I have very fine, curly, baby like hair.
    Your hair will eventually grow back. Read the posts in Newly Diagnosed about hair loss, hopefully you will find some good suggestions there. I wish you the best of luck!

    Peace and Blessings

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