Hi all,

Newbie to this board (48yo male) and just wanted to report that I have treated mild Systemic Lupus successfully after testing for food intolerances (mostly Bovine products/wheat/legumes) and taking targetted vitamins (mostly B complex and Amino Acids these days).

Because of a complex history, I have never been prescibed or taken drugs for the condition. (see my entry in newcomers topic).

The Dr who treated me is Chris Reading in Sydney and is an international authority on nutritional treatment of serious illness. He qualified as a vet, GP and psychiatrist (in that order). Former Vets tend to be much better at diagnosis because an animal will never answer stupid questions like "Ok, what's the problem?".

Reading specialises in the overlooked area of genetic factors but dont be put off his focus on this area. He uses Sydneys comprehensive testing labs and uses hair analysis, iridology, medical palmistry, and other techniques to draw a picture rather than come to a definite conclusion.

He saved my life.