HELLO.. could you pls tell me if this sounds like SLE?

> I've problems with joint pain(knee and fingers and
other joints but not so painfull) ....

>i have ANA 1:320 and sedimentation of the blood
is a bit high.

> I feel a bit sick, because of a headdache
and i feel i would have a little temperature which i don't have actually.

my SLE checklist:

Typical Symptoms of Lupus:

Unexplained fever
---- No
Extreme fatigue
---- after sleep of 5-6hours and lots of stress
i yawn a lot, but i don't feel tired
is that extreme fatigue?
Painful or swollen joints
---painful sometimes,but never swollen!
knee seldom, fingers sometimes

Red rash or color change on the face
---yes looks like a butterfly,
but no way it looks sunburned.
i saw it in many faces, they can't all
have SLE

Chest pain upon deep breathing

Unusual hair loss
--- yes

Pale or purple fingers or toes from cold or stress
(Raynaud's phenomenon)
--- yes,sometimes fingers and feet get
cold, but never red or blue...

Sensitivity to the sun
--- hmm, not really

Swelling (edema) in legs or around eyes
---- no

Swollen glands

-- can't descide that by my own,
but last time doc said no


> I've read a lot about SLE and
> found very bad things mainly...

> how can u distinguish a mild case from a
> bad case???

> And i actually never read anywhere that if
> you get SLE with e.g. 12 years....
> that you have got the chance to get 80 years old.

> I've read about 5,10 and the highest was 20-25 years
> you are able to survive.

> You in the USA have much more people with SLE
> what do u think?

> And if i'm diagnosted, do i need at once
> a basic therapy???

> Can a basis therapy prevent an inclusion
> of the organs??????????????????????????????

> Thanks in Advance