I think that organ involvement depends largely upon the type of LUPUS that you have AND the type of treatments that you receive. My lack of organ involvement was due, in part, to the fact that I showed signs and symptoms of Discoidal Lupus at first. However, because of my ANA, protein in urine, high titer, etc., my doctor started me on SLE treatment. I was also lucky in the fact that my doctor had just returned from Switzerland, 3 weeks before I went to him with symptoms, where he had attended a 2 week seminar on LUPUS. He recognized my symptoms immediately.
Even so, my positive diagnosis took almost a year. Don't get me wrong..I was still a VERY,VERY sick lady: I lost all of my hair, I could barely walk, I had migraines almost every day, Every muscle and joint in my body hurt, I had lesions on my face, hands and feet, I had ulcers in my mouth and I was hospitalized many times!
If you listen to your body, talk to your doctor and DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU THAT IT IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD, insist upon tests and treatments, you may be successful in avoiding organ involvement! However, there is no sure way of knowing if you will or will not have organ involvement. That is one of the reasons why this disease is so unpredictable!!
Learn as much as you can about the disease - Learn to listen to and know your body - be aggresive with your doctors!