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Thread: Lupus NY Gala

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    Default Lupus NY Gala

    I can't remember if I told y'all how it went -- but it was lovely event and raised over $2 million for research. Bob Costa's MCed -- he apparently has a friend with SLE. Jesse Norman (who has Lupus -- I didn't know that) sang a short verse and we also had a beautiful set by TonyAward winner and cabaret singer Barbara Cook while we ate dinner.

    James Robinson (formerly of Amex) -- now on BMS board was recognized and mostly spoke about the pharma cos contributions. A Dr was recognized for his research and did a really neat thing -- he showed us pictures of his grad assistants (MD/PhDs) and talked more about the research they were doing and who the Dr's of the future would be -- than he did about himself...

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    It sounds like a very nice event, and hopefully the money raised will bring them one step closer to a cure. I hope by the time you got back to St. Louis your power had been restored. I might have been tempted to stay in NYC rather than go home to no electricity.

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