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Thread: Lupus or menopause

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    That's why it's so great you're a pharmacist - many of the doctors I deal with on the job are remarkably UNinformed about drugs, even the ones they are prescribing. I'd say at least 40% of the malpractice cases I evaluate are medication -related. Some are honest errors or unpredictable reactions - others are just unforgivably stupid and careless, like an ER doc giving a demerol injection to a patient taking parnate, then compounding the error by not recognizing a life threatening drug interaction. It's hard to believe any doctor could make this mistake, but I guess they don't teach the Libby Zion case in med school. And too many doctors are reluctant to open a PDR in front of a patient. As patients, we're so desperate to relieve the symptoms that we are willing to risk the chance of side effects just to get relief. So it's a good thing the pharmacists know their stuff - sometimes they are the only protection a patient has got!

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    Default Lupus or menopause update

    Since my initial post I have seen three doctors. All giving me different information. MY PCP gave me birth control fto regulate the bleeding, my rheumie told me to see a gynecologist because it was not lupus related. The gynecologist prescribe progestrone for 10 day and gave me a vaginal biopsy which was very painful. He stated that steroids could cause the irregular bleeding and doesnot work well with birth control. I was also anemic from all the loss of blood and taking iron pills. The good news is after 32 days of bleeding, I have finally stopped. The disconcerting part is who do you trust with your health. I t seems as if no one really knows what is going on.

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