Hey guys, im megan and i'm new. I do not have lupus, so i'm not sure if im at the right place. My mom was diag. right after my 1st b-day, and was told she was not going to live to see me turn 2. I am now 18. She went into remission when i was in 4th grade, the bad this is tho she came out this past may, 3 days before graduation. She has been in and out of hospitials, is on many many meds and shot combo's. This is somthing i have had to live with my whole life, my mom is my bestfriend and my rock. Just latley, well in the past month or so, i think may be the first time i actually took it all in. Sure i have been in the hospitial rooms with her my whole life, but i don't think i emotionaly prepared myself. I hate living with the fact my mother could pretty muh die every day. It's 4am and i never sleep much anymore because all i do is worry. I know it's not good but i dont knwo what else i can do, at this time she has pnumonia* and was just realsed out of the hospitial about a wk ago. She is now out of town for work. It sucks so bad, i hate being angry with her, but i am just so afraid of loosing her. Recently (past month or so) i have shown symptoms, such as, the milar* rash on my face and arthritis in my fingers and hands. I don't know what to do. well sorry for rambeling on, if im in the wrong place just let me know k ....thx very much for leting me vent, i have been sitting here reading stories about other lupies and bawling my eyes out. :?
~megan~...ps, feel free to IM me anytime...megpie0015