78% of Americans do not know that lupus can cause swelling in the brain that may result in seizures and other mental problems.
Many people with lupus have been thought to have a mental disorder. Lupus can cause headaches, confusion, difficulty concentrating, fatigue and occasionally seizures, strokes or other signs of nervous system involvement. These symptoms can cause the patient to be misdiagnosed and incorrectly treated.Sometimes people with lupus experience depression or inability to concentrate. Rapid changes in mood or abnormal behavior may occur. These changes may be due to the disease itself, or they may be a reaction to the changes in appearance and energy caused by the disease. In a very small percentage of people, more severe nerve and mental problems, especially convulsions like those in epilepsy or seizures, may develop, but they rarely persist. Some are even due to some of the treatments for LUPUS. Most of us are on some form of anti-depressant because of these issues!! As far as never being well...........
You COULD GO INTO REMISSION AND BE TOTALLY FREE OF SYMPTOMS!! You doctor should not be so dire...he might be a big contributor to your depression!!!!
Keep open to knowledge about the disease..learn as much as you can and stay informed. That is you best weapon against major depression, stress and anxiety!
Best of Luck and take care!
Peace and Blessings