hi you guy's came across this site by accident but am glad I did.

I was dianosed with SLE when I was 18 (a lotta years ago LOL !!) since then I was told I had Screroderma,Raynaud's and AVN both hips and knees. I'm confused as I was told just a few years ago that there were no signs in my blood tests of the sle but signs of scleroderma!! I thought sle stayed with you for life!

I was on steroids off and on for years which my specialist thinks causeed the AVN I don't want to alarm people by saying this, but it's what I've been told and have read up on it all saying that AVN can be caused by steroid use.

Sue I read on one of the pages the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and they are remarkably familiar to me!

So you guys don't mean to bore you but i could have sle, sclero... or what!!!!

Take care all you brave people out there

Jack :?