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    I have a friend whose wife is in Unv.of Nevada( Bio chemist). She had asked one of her professors about lupus and he quoted a site
    http://www.**********.com/ to go to and about the product M***C. ANyone know anything about it. I asked my Rhuemy but he knew nothing about it (He is not much into the new stuff).

    Was wondering if anyone had heard about it or tried it or if you could get advise from your thuematolgist

    All help aprreciated.
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    Hello Tropically;
    First, let me thank you for responding to Gwen! Also, Welcome to our forum.
    About Mirac: This is a commercial plant derived product (bioflavonoid) and the manufacturers claim that it can reduce LUPUS symptoms to almost nothing. I do not know if it is recognized by LUPUS researchers and I have not been able to find any clinical trials using the drug. The web-site for Mirac says that it is exempt from FDA approval because it is a dietary supplement (that, in and of itself, scares me!). It is a manufactered drug that says that it should be taken with your regular medication and can be ordered on-line.
    I would suggest that you be very, very careful about this drug! Especially since there is no mention of it by any reputable lupus research institute!!

    I hope that I have been helpful. Let me know if you need anything further!

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