Hi Everyone
I have a question about tapering prednisone. I have been on about 25 mg (average) for 3 1/2 years. In sept. my doctor gave to ok to start tapering. I have been going down at a rate of 2.5 for 2 weeks then alternating the 2.5 reduction and reg dose. So I am now at 15. Last week I tried alternating 15 and 12.5 but started to feel really sore and overall crappy, more nausea, fatigue etc.
I am sometimes not sure if I should just "power through" and see if the bad symptoms subside. I usually don't and end up upping the dose because a major flare is so awful.
Just wondering if anyone has any insight on the tapering process....also how do you know if your adrenal gland has kicked back in? I have read that it sometimes doesn't after long term steroid use....
Also - I had Rituxan in august.....my lab work looks good and I feel better than before. How do you know when to ask for more Rituxan or chemo? Is it all based on bloodwork? Its supposed to be 6 months b/t treatments.
thanks alot-