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Thread: arm pain and headaches

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    Default arm pain and headaches

    I have alway suffered from severe migraines and have taken everything for them and have been told they are caused by everything from what I eat to stress to the weather. Anyway I have learned to live with them and just deal with them when they hit. I have severe ones several times a month. Recently the headaches have been more severe and they are lasting 3-4 days before i get relief. This morning my left arm started hurting. There is just a constant pain and it isn't going away. I am already on muscle relaxers and painkillers for my back and don't understand what could be causing this pain in my arm that won't even go away with those pain killers. Before I was Diagnosed with Lupus I was in the hospital several times for severe chest pain that they couldn't find a reason for. I have had every cardiac test that there is and they all came back normal with the fact that i have constant tachacardia with occational palpitations. They have me on medications for that too. Since being put on all the medications with the Lupus I have only been to the hospital once for the chest pain. Could the arm pain be something that I should be concerned with? I haven't had this pain before. I am worried about clots too. is that something I should worry about?

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    Are you experiencing any muscle weakness and loss of strength with your arm pain? If so, your pain may be a form of myositis, which is not uncommon to Lupus sufferers. Your muscles can be seriously damaged by SLE. Inflamed muscles may not only be painful, but may also be tender to the touch. Muscle weakness is the most common symptom of lupus myositis.
    Corticosteroids (prednisone) are usually prescribed for the treatment of SLE myositis.
    Arm pain with chest pain is ALWAYS something that should be reported to your doctor immediately. You say that the doctors have found nothing abnormal about your heart? If so, then there can be reasons for chest pain that do not involve the heart, such as Pleuritis: an inflammation of the lining of the lung whose symptoms include shortness of breath, and chest pain, especially when taking a deep breath.
    costochondritis (inflammation at one of the costochondral junctions, which is also known as Tietze’s syndrome, or of the costosternal bridges that form the cartilaginous shield of the anterior rib cage) can also cause chest pain with a dull and gnawing aching quality to it. A variety of so-called shoulder-arm syndromes have been described with this condition; of these, an unrelenting deep pain that begins in the shoulder and then progresses to the arm can be a manifestation of bronchogenic carcinoma.
    With reference to blood clots, Antiphospholipid antibodies or lupus anticoagulants have the negative side effects of causing blood clots. anti-phospholipid antibodies cause the blood to become sticky and to clot easily. Since Lupus causes inflammation all over the body, the inflammation must be controlled as well as controlling the coagulation of the blood. In Lupus patients, the coagulation process goes out of control and blood clots form all over the body. Symptoms include blood clots in the veins or arteries in the leg, arm, kidney, liver, lung, brain, heart or other organs. Anticoagulation therapy is used for this.
    Another possible cause of blood clots is inflammation of the wall of a vein or irritation of the vein's inner lining which leads to blood-clot formation, this condition is known as thrombophlebitis or thrombosis. In deeper veins, this requires anticoagulants to prevent embolisms.
    In any event, I would suggest that you contact your doctor as soon as you can to advise him/her that you are having chest pain with arm pain. The two may be totally unrelated, but it is best to be certain.
    Keep us advised
    Peace and Blessings

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