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    Hello everyone. Thank you for having me to be part of the group. I have been struggling SLE/Mixed Connective Tissue disease for 17 yrs now. I was DX after I gave birth to my son. I was given three last rites during my lifetime. It seems that my purpose in life is not yet complete to leave this earth. It has been my passion to give something back in return for those people who supported me, stood by me during my lowest period of time and helped me fight to live. Therefore, it inspired me to put up a support group, Lupus Wings Network, Inc. here on the Treasure Coast FL, to reach out to others. The Lupus Wings Network, Inc. is a Non-Profit community support group made up of individuals with mixed connective tissue diseases, as well as friends and family members looking for ways to provide understanding and support. The support group has no money or capital to start with yet was sacrificing to ask for cash donations. The purpose of this support group is to provide education, information, awareness and support. I know there are sponsors out there who believes in our support group and instutions or foundations who will grant cash donations to help continue to build the support group, publish our newsletter, respond to calls for information regarding referral, support, coping skills and provide education seminars to promote awareness and education.
    Lupus Wings Network group and website,, not only provide excellent information about the condition and its current medical treatments, they also delve deep into the personal side of living with lupus and chronic illnesses. I want to create a place where people could go for support and answers. I want to let patients know that they are not alone-that their thoughts and fears are normal and can be dealt with through education, positivity and spirituality. Part of my mission is to include family members and friends in its community. By better understanding the condition and the feeling of those living with it, loved ones are better equipped to give support and can more easily cope with the situation themselves. Another goal is provide awareness among public at large. Lupus is often misunderstood. One of the greatest fears is that the condition is contagious, which is not. Many people have heard of Lupus, but few fully understand it, the cause, the symptoms, and how it affects the people living with it. In response to this lack of understanding, the Lupus Wings Support Group continues to contribute to public education and awareness.

    Monthly meetings as regular group features social hour and various expert speakers, help lupus and chronic illness patients develop a network of friends they can turn to. As with any of life's struggles, the best help often comes from those who don't just sympathize, but actually emphatize with what you are going through.

    While anyone can benefit from the information provided on becoming an official member or sponsor and contributing membership dues comes with additional benefits, including participation in meetings and programs, recognition in newsletters, brochures and/or website and T-shirt and pin. Donating as a sponsor is an excellent way to honor a loved one with Lupus because it allows you to make both honorary and memorial donations.

    I know being part of this group will be able to help in any way. To know more about my whole story, visit my website, and proposal to build the support group.
    Thank you for reading and listening to my plea. I am very proud to be part of this group.

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