I was just wondering what some of you ladies are on for insomnia. My doc has put me on Imovane which is because I asked her for Lunesta but
Canada doesn't have it we have Imovane.
Imovane is ok, it does the trick but i can't use it everynight actually I can't use it for at least 4 out of a 7 days a week. So three days a week i'm up alomst all night in pain and can't sleep, also Imovane i find makes me feel as though the next day i'm waking up with a hangover.

I told her that I didn't want ant-depressants like trezadone because of the weightgain

but I was wondering if anyone else is using anything that is good and hasn't had a bad side effect or a weight gain side effect. Also someting that doesn't make you feel as though you are getting up with a hangover.

I know this sounds like a dumb question but i'm just hoping to get 7 nights sleep instead of 4.

thanks everyone!