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Thread: Support network? what's that?

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    Default Family and Understanding

    Well the second series of blood work came back, and upon my going to the doctor's office that ordered it I was told it came back ANA pos (1:160). I also was told he's sending me to a rheumatologist as all the symptoms I was seeing him for as well as the ANA level strongly is pointing at Lupus. After I got home I basically sat down with my parents and told them exactly what I was told and what it implies. The did argue quite a bit that "NOBODY in our family on either side had it" and that it had to be from meds I had taken. The fun part with that is if it was from the medications wouldn't it have gone away when they were stopped? I was patient with them and answered every question, then basically told them that I prefer this answer to 5 years of "Nothing's wrong, but if it gets worse we need to see you again." I think they finally got the point, and now are probably going to be trying to be there. It's strange to me with the fact that I am terrified of this, yet happy for the diagnosis.

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    I think we have all been through the "Happy to have a diagnosis but sad to have something that had to be diagnosed" syndrome!! It is a great relief to finally have a name for all of the mysterious symptoms and to finally know that it was not all in your head.
    Now, if you can only get your family to be open about the diagnosis and try to learn as much as they can about this disease, its symptoms, its treatments and how it will affect both you and them. They must stop trying to "BLAME" it on something!! If doctor's knew why we developed LUPUS, they would have a cure for it. It does not have to have been from someone else in your family - you could have been genetically predisposed to Lupus or NOT!!!
    Stay firm with them and keep your head up. At the very least, we are here for you and hopefully, through your education and knowledge, your family will become more understanding!

    Peace and Blessings

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