i apolgize for the length

For the last 6 yrs (22yrs old now) there has been something wrong. At 16 i didnt really know how to explain to the doctor what was going on and now after 6yrs of symptoms things just seem normal. I saw an allergist about a year ago who was shocked i'd never been tested for lupus...so off they sent me. (after 6yrs of doc. looking at me like im nuts i dont have much faith in them) I have supposivley gotten one of the best reheumy in the area and she is quite nice..anyways... after blood work done 2 in the last 6mths there appears to be nothing wrong except a consistantly low compliment level and i will be going back in 3mths to see if anythings changed.

my list of symptoms include:

raynauds - diagnosed at 7yrs

joint pain- in my wrists ankles and right knee, constantly in my right hip and is worsened when i sit..it moves to my back

uclers- in my mouth almost always and once in the unmentionable area(very painful)

sores on my hands- they come mostly with the sun but i do get them in winter too..their very painful and are like little red bumps ..theres no fluid in them and they dont uclerate..just dry up and go away..they tried to do a biopsy but didnt go deep enough

sores on my scalp- almost constantly..like the ones on my hands..there painful and then they dry up and go away

lack of concentration and memory- only in the last 4 yrs

my arms and legs, feet and hands often fall asleep, sometimes without any reason..and at night they my entire side will fall asleep so when i
wake up i feel paralized...sometimes i get a numbness in my toes when i wake up or do alot of walking

i get what looks like the malar rash when im hot or when i sit in front of my desk lamp..it goes away after a couple hours..but it feels like and looks like a sunburn across my cheeks and nose (its never there when i see the doc.)

when i wake up in the morning my eyes are really blurry and it takes about an hour to refocus and recently have noticed a cotton mouth kinda feeling...like i cant quench my thirst.

exhausted and ache...there are days that making my bed exhausts me and it feels like im getting the flu( i often feel like my glands in the throat are swollen at this time)
lowered immune system.. no matter how hard i try i alway manage to get sick

some of the odder one are...

in the recent years i've found i have a hard time swallowing...mostly food but there are times that i have to try to make spit and force myself to swallow it

i get really hot (and feel the exhausted) around mid afternoon 3pm-4pm. My temp goes from about 98.2 to 99.9 on a consitant bases...whether this is considered a low grade fever im not sure. And im ALWAYS on fire at night...im not actually having night sweats but i've woken up from the heat and my boyfriend has stated how hot i feel..it just doesnt seem normal.

I wake up quite often in the middle of the night to pee...and probably go more during the day then the average person...just me or a symtom? i dont know

i've noticed mood and personality changes..soemtimes depression but i havent quite figured out if its being caused by the whatever is wrong with me or if me feeling ill is whats causing the mood difference

one of the weirdest things i've noticed is i cant get full... im constantly starving and out eat my boyfriend and my roommate combined. There are times that its so bad and the hunger pain is so sharp that i feel like i might throw up or pass out.

Know one seems to have any anwsers. The rhauematolgist, while very nice, hasnt really told me much other than my compliment level is low and it could mean somethings brewing. After 6 yrs im frustrated...and have kinda lost the drive to push the drs. to figure it out. I kno somethings wrong...its just a matter of getting on the right track. When they sent me for the lupus test at first i did some research and got quite excited. ( i kno it sounds bad..but sometimes i just wanna kno what it is regradless of what it is) Am i crazy? if not lupus then what?