I don't like to complain but I got into a jam and needed some money so like a fool I accepted an offer to reshingle a friends roof. Well, after 4 days of agony trying to finish it, I'm now done and have some money but I think I'll be out of commision for weeks because of how bad I feel now. My knees are now the size volleyballs almost and the pain is just crazy. I've been icing them, taking anti-inflammatories, nothing helps, it really sucks. My wrists are messed up, my ankles, my shoulders, my hands/fingers, migraines constantly since finishing. All in all it was a wonderful experience...not. Anyways, I just needed to whine and complain to someone about my stupidity, but also need to hear the others have been there and understand that sometimes that kind of stupidity is necessary when it comes time to pay the bills. Anyways, hope you're all doing well and take it easy.