I am new here and have had Lupus for 20 years now and had been in remission up til last year. I know have Lupus kidney and see a specialist for that regularly. I went and seen him yesterday and he was telling about a new drug that is used in Cancer patients, but is being tested and look at real closely for Lupus patients. It is called Rituxan and it destroys all B bllod cells, which some think are a big problem for Lupus patients. This drug is used in Rematoid Arthtritis patients now. It is administered by IV and can take 10 hours to administer. It is given one 1 day and then again 15 days later and that is the only doses you would recieve. The reason for so long is due to the fact that if given to fast a person can feel as though they are having an allergic reaction. They will get cold chills, the shakes, and feel crappy. Now my doctor said that this drug is still about 2 years out for Lupus patients, but he feels that it will be used for Lupus.
To me sounds like something I would try. The only question I would have would be what other purpose are B blood cells used for? I had asked him this and we got another subject and I forgot to get my answer.