Hi, this looks like a great forum. I was dx'ed in 1999 with SLE. It took a while, but I have always been an athlete, starting to compete in equestrian competitions before I was old enough to remember (like 2), and I knew when my body was failing me.

In 2000 I got my dream job and moved to a big city. I was in agony - constant pain and headaches. I was only on plaquenil which helped my skin. I got a new rheumatologist and he put me on prednisone. By 2004, I was on 40mg a day. In 2001 I got an acute case of lyme disease which sent my lupus labs off the charts. I thought I was going to die.

In 2003 I was dx'ed with gastroparesis after 2 years of throwing up almost everyday - my stomach just wouldn't keep food down. I always felt full. Food just sat in my stomach. I also was hospitalized with pancreatitis for a week. When I got out, I noticed weird new symptoms like hard skin on my fingers that hurt and a burning rash on my eyelids. In 2004 I was dx'ed with dermatomyositis. I had to stop work. I was so sick I still don't know how I did it. Must have been the steroids, but osteoporosis put an end to steroids and I had to switch to Cellcept and methotrexate. I got a compression fracture in my lower spine in 2004 after just tripping (I was 34).

I still hope to get into remission. Now that I have battled my way through the disability process and finally won, I just have the bills to repay and to try to get better.

I would love to talk to other people who have overlap auto immune diseases like me. I get so frustrated with the meds and having to change my treatment almost monthly since my more prevalent symptoms of different diseases change all the time.

Thanks for your help in advance,