Hello all. My name is Lenny. I'm a 48 yr old M. I was diagnosed with SLE 5 years ago. From all I've seen I believe that my situation is typical for someone at the 5 year mark. I have only recently felt the need to be involved with support groups. If anyone can help me get hooked up with a group on the Miss. Gulf Coast, I would appreciate it. For the first 4 years of my illness I was able to spend my time at the harbor, on my boat. Even on bad days I would find myself feeling better after going to the harbor, and whithin a short time would even feel up to working on the boat and basically just "messing about". I live in one of the towns that was hit hard and partially washed away by hurricaine Katrina. So this past year I have hardly left the house. The harbour was washed away, and I sold my boat. About a month ago my wife told me that she is going to divorce me. Soooo, 5 years suffering lupus, this past year dealing with the catastrophy, now my family splitting up. I do need to reach out to the support group.
Still, I have found so much to be thankfull for. I am constantly reminded by all of the good things that come my way, no matter how small, that everything is a gift from God. It is truly by his grace that all of my needs have been met. I only hope that you all can share the comfort in knowing that God is with you, and he will care for you.