am 22 i got dignaosed in when i was 20 it started with really bad knee pain that would wake me up at like 3am i ended up in the hosptial and was told i had kideny flaure.. I went to a kidey doc and was put on cytoixin , predione, and stuff for high blood presure etc.. i have been lucky enough that i did see a rhemo right away she ended up putting me on cellecpt (i was i was put on this way before...) I got off the cytoxin about a year ago this month ( sept),

I dont drink milk becasue it has 5% sodium , I eat alot of chesse ( i am told its bad for people ) I eat soy ice cream , and when i think am up for it i drink Rice milk am glad it lasts a while if you dont open it .. ( soy milk makes me funky tummy wise), I eat Avacdo as much as i can ( i read that it helps with inflashion)

My New rhemo is at Standford Medical hostp . Its about a hours drive or so, they are studying lupus.. ( my rhemo had one of the senior docs come in and talk to me )... she pretty much said in a way you are helping us and in a way we are helping you..

So thats me in a medium size nutshell!! 8)