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    Default Lupus and me ...


    am 22 i got dignaosed in when i was 20 it started with really bad knee pain that would wake me up at like 3am i ended up in the hosptial and was told i had kideny flaure.. I went to a kidey doc and was put on cytoixin , predione, and stuff for high blood presure etc.. i have been lucky enough that i did see a rhemo right away she ended up putting me on cellecpt (i was i was put on this way before...) I got off the cytoxin about a year ago this month ( sept),

    I dont drink milk becasue it has 5% sodium , I eat alot of chesse ( i am told its bad for people ) I eat soy ice cream , and when i think am up for it i drink Rice milk am glad it lasts a while if you dont open it .. ( soy milk makes me funky tummy wise), I eat Avacdo as much as i can ( i read that it helps with inflashion)

    My New rhemo is at Standford Medical hostp . Its about a hours drive or so, they are studying lupus.. ( my rhemo had one of the senior docs come in and talk to me )... she pretty much said in a way you are helping us and in a way we are helping you..

    So thats me in a medium size nutshell!! 8)

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    Hello Kitty :lol:
    Oh my! Isn't that the name of an adorable children's store???
    I am glad to you've found us. You are quite lucky to have been diagnosed quickly and to have started treatment quickly.
    I believe that there is a direct connection between our eating habits and our health. One of the main things that we are told, in order to manage our Lupus, is to eat healthy. It might be a good idea to track how your food intake affects you healthwise (which food products make you feel bad and which ones actually make you feel better). It could be helpful in your quest to acheive a relatively normal lifestyle with Lupus.
    I hope that we are able to provide you with answers to your questions, support, information and comfort. Please, also, know that you are not alone!

    Peace and Blessings

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    Hello Kitty:

    Just wanted to welcome you to this forum and hope that you find what you are looking for here. I am glad you didn't have years upon years of pain and suffering before finding a rheumy like many people have. It is nice to hear a story about someone being taken seriously immediately and getting treatment started.

    I am glad you are seriously looking at health as an overall systemic regime as your are right diet, exercise, exposure to stress and environment all play factors in contributing to better or worse outcome in our health.

    Nice to have you join us and I look forward to getting to know you better through your posts.

    Your new friend beautifulbeluga

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