Hello everyone!,
I was recently diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia and vasculitis after 7 years of a variety of symptoms and false diagnosis'. I am scared and overwhelmed as most of you have or still do.

I have a few questions if anyone can help:
Most of my symptoms were consistent throughout the years (constant cold/flu/temperature/aches ...., then all of a sudden about two months before my diagnosis, I just kept "getting" weird symptoms and other diseases such as cutaneous vasculitis, epstein bar (sp?), positive strep B, much more severe muscle spasms and pain in neck, back , head, alarming memory loss....

Is this typical of Lupus? Why would these new problems all of a sudden hit me so strongly? (I have now gone on plaquinil and many natural supplements - not seen tremendous improvement and have developed severe acne and hair loss since started taking plaquinil).

I'd appreciate any insight :P