Hi, I'm Nicca and new member to this group. I still don't know yet if I have Lupus or not. My story, I developed a Vitiligo on my hands then I went to my Family Physician to get a check-up and referred to a Dermatologist. The Derma checked-up my Vit and said it's nothing! I think she didn't know what she's doing! All she wants to do is put some sort of cosmetics to make the person more prettier but if she will see a person who is sick she doesn't mind.

Then we moved to different city and got a new Family Physician and reffered me again to a Derma ops: My Vitiligo is spreading. Last time I noticed just a few spots on my hands and now all of my knuckles had it. I do some research and found out where the Vitiligo come from. I asked my Doctor if she can checked me for B12 & Folic Acid, Auto Immune Disease and other Bloodwork.

And it turns out I have an auto-immune disease called Lupus. I still didn't know what kind of Lupus and my 1st appointment for my Rheummy will be on Nov (that's Canada!)

I don't have any swollen/joint pains right now, headache (but I'm Anemic), etc. But when I found out I have Lupus I'm very depressed and always cry. That's when I felt a numb hands and feet, shortness of breathing, headache, a little joint pain in my hips. I think by being emotionally stress and being conscious to myself I do notice all the symptoms.

I've been reading all the messages here weeks ago before I decided to be a member. I thank God because my husband is so supportive and he told me to be a member. I always read some of the messages here and I always cry. :cry: (I don't know why I'm very emotional right now!) I always ask God why me??? And I'm still young to get this disease (I'm 30 hehe) and my 2 kids are still very young. But when I read the story of other people who are much younger than me I cried because they already suffering this disease and to think they must enjoy their lives. I'm thanking God that I was diagnosed earlier without some pains just like the others. Sorry for being so sensitive. I'm always like this eversince we moved here in Canada. Since we don't have any family or relatives here so it's like I'm alone. By the way I'm from the Philippines.

Sorry for the long story. Thank you for reading my message.

Best Regards,