Good morning!
I havent been here in a while, however it is ALWAYS good to sign in and know ya'll are still here.
I have a question on vitamins and products.
What vitamins can I take and how should they be taken. ex: Vit-C, B, multi, E, Calcium and what do you think about colostrum?

I have honestly aged alot this last year. I have always been told I look like my late 20's to be in my 40's. I would always act modest, however I knew it was true. NOW.......I am looking my age and passing it up. Please advise.

Also, have you heard about the sugeries on t-cells? I have an article on it if you are interested. If you are already familiar with it, could you please advise on that as well? Again, I am greatful ya'll are here. Love, Paula