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Thread: Lupus screening and Rheumatology

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    Default Lupus screening and Rheumatology

    I went to the E.R. when I was 6.5 months preg. Barely able to breeth my lower back hurt severly, i was puking. They tested my urine and found blood and protien in it,so they did an ultrasound on my kidneys and found the left one was swollen. So they screened me for lupus,the blood work and 24 hour urinealysis it came back positive, but they told me to have my docs. in Idaho look further into it. So, I did this past August, because I have been in alot of pain no rashs, i just swell when in the heat and sun, and get horrible headaches and get dizzy and feel sick, my knees hurt,sometimes my arms will, i get mouth sores and they usually last 2 weeks and go away and come back, but i notice when i get mouth sores my lymp gland will be swollen, i notice i get very exhausted just putting groceries away, i get anxiety really bad where i have shortness of breath and my heart beats fast and sometimes i will have a sharp ache in my chest where my heart is, i feel fatigue alot,it takes alot to get out of bed or anything takes alot for me to do, my lower back hurts every now and then behind my kidneys,i have been diagnosed with migraines,depression,and adhd. I had a CT scan done this past august to see if the redness in cheeks and headaches were due to sinusis, but the results came back normal. I have more symptoms but it would take me all night to mention. I feel like when, i say or ask anything people tell me im just a hypochondriact,but i seriously am in pain. I feel as if,when I see the rheumatologist next month he will feel the same. Since my second screening came back positive, i'm being referred to see a rheumatologist, but if he says that i do have Lupus, does anyone know of how many times usually will someone with lupus be seen at first? Just FYI I am only 19 and a female,thanks

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    Hi Sdeichert1028 :lol: ;
    We are not doctors here and cannot diagnose you. But, I can tell you that, when you see the rheumatologist, he will not tell you that it is all in your head or that you are a hypochondriac!
    All of the symptoms that you listed could be symptoms of Lupus (or another auto-immune disease). Since you were tested positive with lupus before, you should insist that your rheumatologist start you on treatments for your symptoms so that you can begin to get some relief!
    Each one of us suffers differently with our lupus, so there is no linear progression that your doctor will follow. How often you see him and for what reasons will depend entirely upon you, your symptoms and the treatment regimine he wants to begin.
    Please educate yourself about lupus prior to your appointment; there is a wealth of information here on WeHaveLupus - go to each forum and read the questions and answers. Our members are very informative and caring. You can also check out the web site for The Lupus Foundation of America.
    If you have any questions, fears, concerns, please come here and ask us. We will do everything that we can to find an answer for you, give you comfort and support and make sure that you know that you are not alone!

    Peace and Blessings

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