I went to a specialist for angioedema (he also specializes in Lupus) and he ran the standard blood tests.

It came back with the ANA being positive and he then ran the florescent DNA and another test and they were negative.

He says that you can test positive for ANA and not have Lupus....

But these are the symptoms I went to him for.

Angioedema (in the hands, feet, and mouth).
Chronic Uriticaria

But I also have these following symptoms...
Chest pains(plurasey?)
Rynaunard's (did I spell that right)
Sores in the mouth and nose
Muscle fatigue
Rosacea(sp?) on my checks and nose(that is photosensitive)
Recently I have been experiencing temors(shaking like I am cold or something)
Hot flashes(I have a low body temp of 97.6 and suddenly I get really hot)
Inability to think clearly
Had a feeling that my body wasn't even my own.

So what do you guys think of this? Is this Lupus and he is just playing it safe or what?

Plus I recently found out my paternal Aunt has discoid lupus.

Curious and confused...Jennifer