This September, many women's groups and breast cancer survivors are trying yet again to get our Congress to pass the Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act of 2005 (S 910/HR 1849), which would ban the practice of "drive-thru mastectomy". Unbelievably, many insurance companies consider single and even double mastectomy to be same-day surgery, so women are discharged from the hospital the same day, sometimes just a couple of hours after waking up in the recovery room. Having undergone a double mastectomy in August 2005, I can tell you this is not a same-day procedure.
Many women develop surgical infections and other post-operative complications, and the lack of on-going care further delays their recovery.

This bill would allow women and their doctors, not insurance companies, to decide whether the woman should stay in the hospital for at least 48 hpurs to recuperate from this surgery. Sadly, this legislation was first proposed in 1996 by Rep. Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut - 10 YEARS LATER AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

If you don't know anyone with breast cancer, chances are, sooner or later, you will. Please help make this the year that these patients are protected. Lifetime Women's Television is sponsering a petition drive - you csan find more information at

If you prefer to contact Congress directly, you can go to or for information on how to contact your senators and representatives directly on any issue - not just this one. If you know your Congressman's name, you can telephone his/her office by dialing the Congressional Operator at 202/224-3121.

Urge the President to support this legislation by calling the White House Comment Line at 202/456-1111, or go to for E-mail information.

Thank you for caring and for helping!