I have had lupus nephritis for 22yrs. I am 29 yrs old and just aroumd febraursy of 2004 i had a major flare up of lupus. Since then its been like a rollar coaster ride for me. I take 7 different pills in the mourining (celllcept 2000mg,prednisone 60mg, cozaar50mg, lisinopril10mg,lipitor20mg,actonal35mg,cacium,iron sulfate,renacaps)anyways to make my very long story short,recently in the last 2monts I have been experiencing severe blurred vision in both the right and left eye,especially in the left eye.I have been transfered to 3 different eye specialists and none of them no's what the heck is going on with myy eye's.So one of the retina specialists has me on very high doses of steriods foe about 3weeks now. And still there is no improvement in my eye. I think i may go blind in the left eye!!! I AM GOING TO GET MY 4TH EYE DOCTOR OPIONION NOW I AM GETING TIRED. Anybody out there have suggestions or anyone knows someone going thru the same or somewhat the same thing? Please help me I am on the verge of great depression if i lose my eyesight!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you!