Sorry to bother anyone. I posted a message awhile ago. I been having ALOT of pain in my left leg....since started when I walked but when I got off was better. was shorter distance when it hurt and still hurt when off of it. I asked my lupus dr. and she told me she didn't know! "I can't give you an answer" So I couldn't take the pain anymore and went to medical dr. who listened to my legs for pulses...I have no pulse behind my left leg...and very faint at the bottom...He sent me to a heart dr. who gave me a doppler. I do have plaque in both legs but I have blockage in my stomach.. so now looking at surgery...From what I'm told I have to get a stent put in stomach. The heart dr. seemed very concerned about my lupus...and sjrogren's syndrome. Does anyone know how much or if any lupus can be a factor in this??? I called my dr. the next day of my doppler results...and her exact words were that she was "totally shocked"....if anyone has any would be DEEPLY APPRECIATED! Please help!