Hi all I am new here and am a 32 yr old female from Canberra, Australia, with a shocking medical and family medical history.
I have a VERY Strong family history of SLE (lupus) and other autoimmune disorders including Sjogen's Syndrome, Cryoglobulanaemic Vasculitis and MORE. Raynauds runs in my family (and I have this and have since I was 12), I was diagnosed with JRA when I was 12 and also with Seronegative spondoloarthritis at about 15 or so. I am 32 now and as well as having these problems and this history I also have Ehlers Danlos SYndrome (Hypermobility Form), and RSD/CRPS1 (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), so there are a LOT of reasons for my symptoms to be OTHER things apart form Lupus etc.
I watched my grandfather died of Lupus complications of the heart and my Mum die of complications of Sjogrens (she had Sjogren's Lymphoma) last year on Mothers Day.
So this is my problem I just had a VERY high ANA result this week. My ANA has gone from 80 in 1999 to 1280 now <eek> :shock: .
My GP is WORSE than useless and even after me telling him my history and worries he just told me to see a rheumy and then gave me 3 names and told me to ring them. The earliest I can get in is February and I think this is TOO long to wait (my GP is going to TRY to get me in earlier, but I wont hold my breath).
IS there anything I should be doing in the mean time???
any tests to rule out SLE etc or to confirm it??,
any Medications to slow down this "spike" in my ANA ??
any medications to start incase it is SLE???
and so on.
Thanking you all in advance for reading this and for NAY help you can offer me in this quest.