I was relaxing in the tub, just finished a cup of banana split icecream, YUM., and started to get out. Well I noticed when I stood up my legs felt a little shakey. OK, can handle that. I lifted one leg over the tub and began drying the other one. I almost lost my balance, got it back. When I finially stood on both legs they began shaking terribly. More severly from the hip to the knee, and not as badly from the knee to the feet. I went to bend down to put my shorts on and as I slightly shifted weight from one foot to the other I almost lost my balance. The leg that had the most weight on it almost gave out and looked like it was convulsing. So I called my husband in to hold my shorts. (which yelling out for someone to come hold your shorts is enough to get anyones curiosity up) So I held on to the wall and the counter, and both legs were shaking uncontrollably. I got my clothes on and with each step it looked like my whole body was shaking. I made it to my recliner, reclined and it stopped, until I tried to cross my feet at the ankles. Right now it is fine....only seems to come with movement and weight bearing. That reeeeaaaalllly scared me. I have been having trouble with my back and arms, and getting an xray on Mon. Any thoughts? Am I alone with this?

I have been good up to this point with handling things coming my way, but ladies and gentlemen......this just scared the @#%t out of me.

I think I need a hug and will def. need a sleeping pill after this.

Needin' love,

"I use to skinny dip...Now I Chunky Dunk"