Wow - sounds like lots of us deal with the pleurisy. Thanks again for the tips.
I was feeling better last week on the pred but it ran out on Sat (dospak) and by Monday I was feeling much worse. Pain around my heart, more shortness of breath even at rest, and still the random stabbing pain. Primary put me back on another dospack Monday until I could get to the rheumy today, but it was like it did not take hold this time. In the meantime spent a lot of time with my microwave heat pad on my chest (great tip - thanks!), propped up on pillows, and concentrating on taking slow painful breaths.
Since they'd already run a CT scan that came back clear, Rheumy didn't seem concerned except maybe about the pain around my heart. He upped my pred to 32mg/day for 2 weeks then try to taper if I'm doing ok. Found some signs of chostochondritis but also going to watch for inflammation/fluid in the heart if I don't respond to the upped dose or if it recurs when he tapers. So I'm trying to rest up tonight and get back into work tomorrow or Friday depending on how fast the meds kick in. Wish me luck. - overit