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Thread: fight the battle of Lupus by eating right!!!

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    Hello Members :lol:
    Per my request, our Beloved Administrator has booted Fiorny1 from WeHaveLupus!!

    Peace and Blessings

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    Default Well, I have to weigh in here...

    even though I am new here, I must have my say
    I am a gourmet cook. I grew up in the South, and to my way of thinking, life isn't worth living if you can't eat well!! Cooking, for me, is therapy. It's a way of feeling creative and worthwhile, and a way of showing my love. I can't do many things that i used to do, but this is one of them.
    I'm serving up tonight (and this is a cyber-meal for all y'all)
    A salad of mixed greens with radicchio, romaine, radishes and homegrown tomatoes tossed in a homegrown basil vinaigrette
    Oven roasted chicken stuffed with lemon, orange, thyme, garlic, sage
    Oen roasted red-skinned potatoes with olive oil and garlic
    Fresh green beans with ham, onion and a bit of brown sugar
    and for dessert--
    My mom's killer sour-cream chocolate cake with inch-thick chocolate icing.

    Enjoy, all! FOOD is LIFE!

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