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Thread: New possible diagnosis??

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    Default New possible diagnosis??

    I'ma 37 year old male.
    I'm currently going thru my 2nd BAD flare, or so I believe it's called..?
    My 1st was approx. 1 1/2 years ago. I was sick for a couple months with flu-like symptoms, chest pain, joint pain, excruciating headaches, night sweats, etc.
    I had an extremely elevated Sed rate of like 90. & positive ANA. Saw a Rheumatologist & received a undetermined diagnosis. I am now in my 2nd flare..?? I've been suffering from severe chest cavity pain, joint pain, night sweats, headaches, fatigue, etc..
    They ran more bloodwork & once again my Sed rate is elevated to around 90. Had an ultrasound for organ checks & all supposedly came back normal.
    A couple things that I have remembered but never mentioned to the Dr. was that I have had small mouth ulcers in my bottom lip on occasion, & I've had what I thought was hives during my sleepless nites with nite sweats.
    My headaches are very unique, in that they most always affect me in the base of my skull @ the top pf my neck. Like a dull ache.

    I've pretty much always as far back as can remember had a general sense of not well being. Headaches, back pain, joint pain, FATIGUE.
    Makes me wonder how long I've suffered from this??

    Just curious if any others have any input or similar symptoms?
    Any tips on particular questions / tests that I should request to aid in positive diagnosis??


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    Hi Todd :lol:
    While I cannot diagnose you, I will say that all of your symptoms sound like Lupus to me. Unfortunately, the diagnositc process can take months because Lupus affects each of us differently and the disease changes (as you've experienced with this being your second flare!)
    The mouth ulcers, the headaches (knows as Lupus Migraines), the night sweats, the joint pains, the chest pain, the high sed rate, and the overall malaise can all be symptoms of Lupus. The maddening part is that they can also be symptoms of other auto-immune diseases.
    You need to talk to your doctor and decide if you want to start the diagnositc process. It is probably a good idea to run the tests and do the medical history so that, whatever it is, you can start treatment as soon as possible.
    I wish that I could give you an answer, but with Lupus, that is virtually impossibe to do. However, we are here if you need any questions answered, any research or just need to talk!

    Peace and Blessings

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    Default Hey!

    While I can not say much about all of your symptoms, I also am trying to get a diagnosis. But as for your head aches. I had head aches just like that for a long time. They would last for days constantly and go away for two weeks and then come back and go on for weeks at a time. They where so irregular. I thought I was going to die of terrible viral infection. I would vomit, get dizzy, sweat, was restless, and had to prop my feet up under pillows and I would roll a towel up for under my neck and lay like that for days in a cold dark room. What I actually had was sever tension migraines. Once they put me on a anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer all was peaches and cream. Now I am not saying that you have tension migraines but its just a thought. I hope you find relief soon.

    Keeping all your fears, anger, grief and pain inside, will manifest on your skin as well as your heart.

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