I saw in one of your replies where you had endo and adhesions and that is when they suspected the UCTD? Is that a symptom of UCTD? The reason I ask is because I have had 7 abdominal laps AND a total hyst for endo, adhesions, cysts, tumor. But I am now looking at surgery 8 for endo and adhesions (ladies if they ever tell you a hyst will get rid of endo RUN! that is so not true cause once it gets out of the reproductive organs it can still grow, I've had 3 surgeries SINCE my total hyst with the removal of ovaries). Anyway I was just wondering if that was indeed a symptom? My official diagnosis is SLE with some other MCTD that they never said the name of. But if the endo/adhesions is a symptom of one or the other it would make sense why it keeps coming back after getting my tune ups as I call them.