Howdy - I am trying to figure out what is or isn't going on with my health.

History: 9 years ago - after an accident that resulted in a basal skull fracture, the plate behind my sinuses being cracked and a brain injury - I ended up with a "malar type" of rash. It was a few months later that I first heard this term.

I have had the blood test 2x that I know of and both times it has been negative.

I also have other medical problems such as osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia and type 2 diabetes. I also have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

My rash has been DX as rosacea - but more red that most people. My skin is very dry and I no longer sweat where the rash is. It is also on my forehead and chin, but VERY butterflyish.
If you want to see what my face looks like:

I have days where I am exhausted and days where I feel better.

Mostly, I am looking for information and opinions. I saw a rhuemy once about my FM and OA and she just looked at me and said I didn't have SLE and that I needed to be more concerned about my weight and my FM.

Can you still have negative blood tests and have SLE?

TIA for any replies and input.