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Thread: Just to vent or else I will go insane

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    Default Just to vent or else I will go insane

    Well, ladies I have seen the top of the iceberg.

    So happens that I have been employed in this company for 4 years. This company required me to travel quite regularly to trade shows (the trade shows are very exhausting), the travel included Mexico city. Sometimes I was gone for a week at a time and was expected to report to work the very next day. My returning flights were usually at night at my bosses' request, and I was expected to be at work early in the morning of the very next day. As you can imagine my body took a beating, or so it felt.

    At the begining of last year, I had started feeling ill and missed some work. When I politely asked to discontinued my travel until I could fully recovered, my boss was not as nice with me. I just ignored the sudden change hoping that things will eventually get better.

    However, on January of this year I became very ill, from constant colds and flu like symptoms, chronic fatigue and flare ups I was sent to rest by my physician in April. First of all, to obtain the forms for medical leave from my employer was a hazard, it took 2 weeks for my employer to send them.

    Secondly, even with the doctors note and subsequently the medical leave forms filled by my doctor, my boss kept on calling my home every other day asking me when I was expecting to return. (The guy was no ignorant about Lupus. I brought him a brochure from my physicians office, which explained the symptoms, the disease, and the current treatments . I sat in his office and discussed with him how SLE works and the current treatments, I even answered his questions and he thanked me for sharing the information with him.)

    Since he was urging me to return to work, I ended requested him permission to work from home. This is not unusual in the company, other co-workers had been able to work overtime from home. However, he gave me the excuse that the president of the company was the only person that could authorize my request and he happened to be out of town, therefore we needed to wait for his return.

    Well, the issue dragged on and he finally implied that he would have to fired me. I reported to work the very next day and visited with the company's president who told me that my boss was the sole person who could give me permission to work from home. He could not understand why my boss had told me that we needed the presidents approval. The president was okay with the idea of me working from home if my boss only accepted it.

    My boss then told me that he rather have me in the office all the time, and me working from home would not help any. My duties are to make presentations, process bid request, fax documents and create reports. I have a computer at my home with capabilities to be connected to the network at work and also am the owner of a fax machine. ?????

    Well to make things short, I agreed to work less hours and only 2-3 days per week. I hardly made it for 3 weeks, eventhough there was no work for me to do at all. Then, I felt even worse, to the point that my legs got swollen and could not walk properly. The physician gave me pain killers and other medications to help with the swelling, but still I ended missing these passed 3 weeks.

    My wonderful boss, wrote me an e-mail yesterday in which he notified me his decision to fill my position. My termination date is effective September 1 and that he has permission from the board to continue my health coverage (paid for by the company) until December. No further do's or explanations. I do not want to sound ungrateful (the insurance will be a tremendous help) but, I feel cheated and mistreated. I can't understand why was I not given the opportunity to work from home, but others are able to. I cannot make any sense of all this.

    I have decided to contact the ADA and see what can be done. The labor department has not been very helpful, the representative there feels my ex-employer has not commited any infringement of the labor laws. This is additional stress I do not need or want. In the meantime, I will place an unemployment claim and will pursue a claim through the social security.

    I know this things takes long, but I will have to exercise patience. Currently, money is an issue around here with children 13 and 5 years respectively that is so easy to happen. My husband has not been able to find full time employment, but still actively looking. Hopefully he will find one soon.

    Please pray for me and my family, God knows we need it. Thank you for allowing me to vent. If you have any further suggestions on how I can handle this situation better, please do share them with me.

    God bless you all,

    Linda- P.S. Please forgive my spelling, my thinking cap took the day off today. :lol:

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    Default That's horrible

    Hi, I'm new to the site, but not new to the problems. I had one boss, very similar and "let me go" on behalf of my best interests because it is a high paced job. I was doing just fine until he found out that I was ill. I took my walking papers not wanting to work for him anymore. When I worked for a hospital, I had an advocate fighting for me there and finally, because of the Lupus and several hospital visits, had to officially retire at age 27. I am now on LTD through the hospital's insurance company and surprisingly enough, I have a great plan with an understanding adjuster and I will most likely have to remain on Long Term Disabilty. Since you have the insurance, couldn't you apply for that? Do it before you go off the insurance. Also, your boss would say that you are too sick to work and if your doctors agree. I hope you have that option.

    In the mean time, I will pray for you and your family. Best of luck to you.
    Jen - Vancouver - Canada

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