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    Default Beauchick, glad to know I'm not the only ebay junkie

    I have to really watch myself not to spend more than my "ebay quota" - it's almost addictive. Do you also sell on ebay? I buy almost all my art supplies on ebay - I love the mystery lots where you get a little of everything. Only problem is I store all my art supplies in a little closet, and it's starting to overflow.

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    ALMOST ADDICTIVE!!!! I actually have 2 internet explorers open so I can go back and forth between this site and what I am currently bidding on. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I have sold on ebay but I mostly buy. Sometime this week I will try to go through my closets, and put some clothes on to sell. (To replace the money I just spent and to make room for what I just bought. lol) It is a vicious cycle. ops:

    I guess we just have one more thing in common Marycain!!!


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    Hi Sandra1 :lol:
    You asked if headaches were common to Lupus. The answer is YES. In fact, they are called "Lupus Headaches" and are much like migraines!!. Approximately 20 percent of Lupus patients experience severe headaches which are related to the disease. Whenever headaches are unusually prolonged and unresponsive to the usual pain relieving medications, they are likely to represent symptoms of lupus itself.
    Like migraines, Lupus headaches are sensitive to light, sound, and motion, can last anywhere from 12 to 72 hours, and are often accompanied by vomiting, blue lips, and vertigo. Migraine and lupus headaches are much more severe than the average tension or sinus headache, resulting from the dilation of cerebral blood vessels, but the cause is unknown. Such headaches are particularly common in patients with the Anticoagulant Syndrome and Raynaud's Phenomenom. The one major difference which sets Lupus headaches apart from non-lupus migraines is their responsiveness to steroids. While taking Prednisone, lupus patients report a dramatic decrease or even elimination of these headaches.
    Headaches are just one of the many neurological manifestations found in SLE. Central Nervous System (CNS) involvment may stop at headaches and fogged memory, or it can escalate to psychosis, seizures, and comma. These cases are far less common and most experience problems somewhere in the mid-range.
    *Altered Behavior (including psychosis, organic brain syndrome, seizures, depression, and confusion) are changes noticable to friends and family and are caused by lupus directly affecting the central nervous system in what is called "CNS Vasculitis", or can be a reaction to certain medications.
    * Cognitive Dysfunctions are much more common in lupus patients, which are usually subtle and often noticed only by the patient. Such problems as not thinking clearly, impaired memory, and poor concentration are classified under this catagory and usually derive from a blood flow abnormality.

    I hope that I've answered your question.
    I wish you the best
    Peace and Blessings

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