I don't post often here because I'm just newly diagnosed and don't know much that could help others but I come on daily and read everything. This forum is very helpful and I thank you all for sharing.

I have a few questions that I hope someone here can answer...
I had a terrible time in May and into June when I was finally diagnosed and have spent the whole summer recouperating anf trying to get some sort of normal life back. I've been doing well and feel good in the mornings then absolutely must nap about 2 PM and from then on I don't feel very good for the rest of the day. I was encouraged tho to get the mornings back to somewhat normal and figured it'd just take time to get the whole day.

This past week tho has been bad ...I ache all over, even in the mornings and I have a dull headache all day and night. Joints that didn't hurt before do now; a couple are so bad they're restricting what I can do. I'm not rested in the morning and just feel blah. Is this typical? Is it a start of another flare? Does it mean the meds are not working now? Is it worth contacting my rheumy over? I hate to be a bother and I certainly don't want to look like some sort of hypochondriac or attention seeking crazy but I just don't know enough about this disease to make any kind of judgement calls on this.

Any suggestions or advice?? Oh and now my hair is falling out too ~sigh~