Hi everyone! I know i havent been posting in a long time! it's cuz i think i'm on Remission!?!
My hands, knees, wrists dont hurt as much anymore! i'm not as afraid of the sun as i used to be - i dont wear hats and hardly any sunblock! if u remember i used to BATHE in 50spf everyday! Nowadays i just wear SPF 15 on my face! if i remember, i'll put some Spf50 on my arms!
I've been back to work since July 24th - I'm on the computer the entire day and i actually feel good about it! My butt and back hurt but i think it's cuz i'm sitting the whole time!
Its weird... i'm wondering how long this will last??
I just took another blood test on Tuesday - i have no idea what the results mean: Component Value Flag Low High Unit
C3 47.90 L 79 152 mg/dL
C4 13.60 L 18 38 mg/dL
My next appointment is in October! it's not even September yet! i dont know if i can wait 2 months for the actually explanation of the results!
Any help or suggestions or any kind of advice would be very helpful! Very greatful for u guys! :lol: