Ok, I have had a positive Antiphospholipid Antibody screen for 2 years. Recently that came up negative and suddenly my Lupus Anticoglutant came up positive instead. I have been diagnosed as having APS (antiphospholipid antibody syndrome) and was told I could not possible have lupus because my ANA is negative. The problem is I meet an awful lot of the criteria. Could anyone tell me am I going crazy? I have been sick for years and have been sent to the psyciatrist frequently who diagnoses anxiety caused by physical illness. The regular doctors have a fit when I am sent back with this because they want him to say I am making all this up. Even to the point of suggesting my blood work only comes up positive because I somehow mentally force it to.

And Symptoms Present

1)Malar (butterfly) rash, over nose & cheeks
Occurs Frequently. Twice it has spread onto the area right between my eyebrows. I have been treated for acne with no results and was told just to live with it.

2) Discoid rash (raised, scaley, disc-shaped patch of skin
appearing after sun exposure)
Constantly. Small patch on the back of head. back is always broken out in small white lumps that cause severe itching but do not have anything in them as acne would

3) Photosensitivity (development of rash anywhere on the body or any number of systemic complaints after exposure to sunlight)
Bright red rash on face after less than 5 minutes. Severely ill and huge increase in joint pain after 20 minutes, even with 40 SPF sunscreen

4) Oral or nasal ulcers (usually painless)
once or twice a month sores in the mouth that ussually donít hurt unlessI drink soda or juice

5) Non-erosive arthritis involving 2 or more peripheral joints (non-deforming); arthralgia (stiff, painful joints without swelling)
Constant Joint Pain all over body but especially the hands, wrists, shoulders, back, hips, knees, and feet

6) Pleuritis and/or pericarditis (inflammation in tissue around lungs/heart)
had pericarditis that resulted in the need to induce labor with 3rd daughter in 1997

7) Excessive protein in the urine
Recently was spilling protien in urine but it cleared up so NO

8) Seizures; cognitive dysfunctions

9) Low white cell or low platelet count

10) LE cells ~~OR~~ anti-native DNA ~~OR~~ anti-Sm antibodies ~~OR~~ a false-positive serum test for syphilis

11) Positive ANA in high titer